Apply to Become
A Dynamite Affiliate
Established in 1984, Dynamite caters to young women with a taste for fashion , a sense of personal style, and a desire to be on trend. Dynamite curates an assortment of fashion-inspired collections and an authentic brand experience, making women feel confident and beautiful from day to night and catering to all their lifestyle needs.
• A competitive variable commission rate based on performance
• A 30-day tracking cookie
• Product catalogues updated daily
• Access to exclusive creatives
• Personal support from a dedicated
affiliate manager
• Opportunity for exclusive offers & codes
Promote Dynamite in one or more of the following ways:
• Posting about Dynamite products and editorials on your social media
• Placing Dynamite ads, banners and links on your website
• Engaging in different promotions including newsletters, promoted items and blog posts
• Creating videos and content about Dynamite products and promotions
• Influencers (highly valued)
• Content Bloggers
• Shopping aggregators
• Innovative publishers
• Sub networks
• Loyalty/Employee Malls
• Voucher and Cashbacks if they can
bring new visitors
How to Apply
To join the program, please apply through our affiliate network, Commission Junction.
To find out more, email us at [email protected]
*The program is not open to current employees of GDI as per company policy.