from the boys

We’re taking menswear-inspired style cues.
There’s a reason we’ve developed a habit of borrowing from the boys. There’s something so undeniably appealing about the slouchy-chic aesthetic on a feminine silhouette. The way you put the look together though is what makes it all your own. Turn what’s his into yours by giving menswear-inspired check prints a dash of feminine appeal. The effect is a display of utter confidence. The only thing better than a sharply dressed man is a sharply dressed woman. Find a way to add this menswear-inspired trend into your wardrobe without compromising your personal style.
Boys’ Club

Boys are often curators of the best basics. Look effortlessly chic in a stylish jogger that perfectly highlights your figure. Play on fabrics with mesh layering pieces that add a hint of femininity to a traditional look. Top it off with a long, black, belted coat for an ensemble that’s clean and polished to perfection.
Styling tip
Add a touch of glitz with a pair
of dazzling earrings.
Styling tip
Pair it over a turtleneck
on a chillier day.
Dual appeal

Life is full of contradictions, so why not carry that into your wardrobe? This peplum bustier marries a traditionally masculine print with a flattering and chic silhouette.
Find your strong suit

It’s hard to scroll through Instagram lately and not see a “Prince of Wales” blazer. Fashion bloggers and influencers everywhere are going crazy for this gentlemanly and debonair look. It’s undeniably every girl boss’ must-have staple. Get double the street style cred when you pair it with a matching printed mini.
Styling tip
Take this blazer into the weekend by styling
it with a tank and denim combo.
The girl is a lady

There’s nothing like a little female persuasion to soften a man’s world. Lighten up a bold and masculine print with a light pink wrap sweater. This twist on a classic knit is super comfy, right on trend, and will have you seriously rethinking your t-shirt and jeans affinity.
Styling tip
Instantly dress up your outfit by adding
a little bit of shine with a patent bootie.
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